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Here we have used the hydraulic tile stencils used over denim fabric to convert them into unique DIY coasters.

We love this stencil with the design of a hydraulic tile that we cannot stop using it everywhere...

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 1

I was just from a little restored table how we came with the idea of this simple and attractive DIY you can do with very few materials. We are now going to show you how to create nice coasters from some old denim leftovers.

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 2

What do you need?

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 3

It is very easy to do, you simply have to paint the jeans leftovers using the stencils, making sure you give enough space between one and the other because we will need to cut the off afterwards with some margin.

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 5stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 6

Once the motif is applied with the Markal paintsticks and the stencil brushes, we will need to fix the paint permanently to the fabric with the help of the iron. To do this we can put a piece of oven paper over the design and give it some heat with the iron. The paper will take the excess of paint off the fabric and allow the paint to stick onto the denim.

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 4

For a best result we will need to wait until the fabric is cold and the paint is completely dried before start cutting the fabric and handling it.

The next step would be to sew up our piece or to glue it to another denim piece for it to have better consistency. You can cut the designs with more or less margin up to your taste, and depending if you will use it as coasters or tablecloth. I suggest you to put the pieces together before you cut it and then you cut the remaining parts from the sides.

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 7

What we have done is to put the pieces together with some metal-coloured thread and a sewing machine, but you can also do it by hand if you prefer. There is another option for those who don't want to sew it up, and it is to put the pieces together using hemming web.

I highly recommend you the use of this material when working with fabric. It is really easy to use and has nice results. All we have to do is apply the hemming web to the fabric (making sure we get to the edges for it not to be loose) and then give it some heat with the iron. And this is it, job done!

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 9

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 10stencil baldosa hidraulica markal  11

The result will be almost the same, but evidently the sewed one will have a different touch if you use a nice thread, specillay if the denim dark and you create some contrast.

You can not only use them as coasters but also for the bottom of your flowerpots or as an original present for someone.

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 12

Here I have put them together with a thread and a wooden tag previously personalised with stencil paste and another stencil.

stencil baldosa hidraulica markal 13

What we have in mind now is to do some squares like this ones and join them together afterwards to create a rug or even a DIY quilt ¿Don't you think it could be lovely?



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