DIY banner with feather stencils from TodoStencil, painted with Markal Paintstik

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This time we propose you to do a banner with coloured DIY feathers... you can see how much we love this stencil from TodoStencil, right? We have also used Markal Paintstiks ¡the result is pretty nice!

With spring being yet to come, we can already start adding some colour details to our place, and stencils are great not only to decorate our home place but also to spend a great and fun time doing some crafts.

banderola plumas todostencil y markal

This time we are doing a DIY banner with coloured feathers... you can see how much we love this stencil from TodoStencil, right?

You will need:

The idea is to make some coloured feathers to be cut afterwards and create our DIY banner with them. As we have used some white fabric leftovers, we have needed interlining fabric to ensure its thickness. If you use some thciker fabric you may not need the interlining one.

banderola plumas todostencil y markal

First things first, we need to apply the Markal paint with a brush using the feather stencil. You can use any colour you have chosen. We ususally use the adhesive aerosol to avid the stencil from moving and to ensure a good quality paint. You can also use some masking tape instead, but the spray has always worked much better for us.

banderola plumas todostencil y markal

Remeber: once we have the fabric piece painted, we need to fix it with an iron, using some oven paper between the fabric and the iron so the paint sticks permanently to the fabric.

We have made the most out of this process aplying the interlining fabric at the same time (it also needs the iron heat to be appplied). It is much easier to cut the piece after it has been put together than cutting it before and trying to match both pieces (front and back) afterwards.

banderola plumas todostencil y markal

There is a double sided interlining fabric and we can also find a single sided one. If you use the single sided one (like we have done), you may need to glue the other side.

As we said, after glueing the front and the back sides together, it is much easier to cut the edges.

banderola plumas todostencil y markal

Now all we need is to put the feathers together in the banner. To do this, we need to put the cord into the feather separating a bit its end and putting it back together.

banderola plumas todostencil y markalbanderola plumas todostencil y markal

We have used a wooden stick from a tree branch, but you can try other things or even just attaching the feathers to a single cord.

banderola plumas todostencil y markal

After finishing with the banner, we came up with a lot of different ideas on how to use this lovely stencil... Isn't it great to be able to use a single stencil that many times and in so different ways? If you can think of any other ideas and you finally do them, don't hesitate in contacting us and sharing your experience and result!


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