Light box decorated with Markal paintsticks and a todostencil Stencil

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We will show you how to create environmental and decorative lighting for your children's room with Markal paintsticks and a todostencil Stencil


- Stencil Deco Text Sweet Dreams Princess

- Eco stencil brushes

- Markal Paintstik Paint Iridescent Gold

- Markal Paintstik Paint Dusty Rose

- Cloth, paint, christmas lights and wood strip


Steps to follow:

1º.- Paint the wooden box, I have chosen a mauve tone for the outside and a brown tone for the interior.


2º.- Once the paint has dried, use the box as a template to cut the fabric. You can use a pencil to draw the outline


3º.- Then cut it with the scissors.


4º.- The next step is to fix the fabric to the table with masking tape. In this way we prevent from moving while painting.


5º.- First we scratch with Markal's bar on a piece of paper or plastic plate. Then we impregnate the stencil brush with the paint and we paint on the fabric doing circular movements.


It is convenient to use a tissue to blur and remove the excess paint after the application.

6º.- If you want to make a color gradient you will have to paint the top with a color (in this case the golden color) and the bottom one with another (for example pink). Then with the brush you mix both colors in the center.


In the following image you can see the result of the gradient.


7º.- We build a small frame with a wooden strip: we fix it to the fabric with white wood glue. This will be the box cover.


8º.- Once the cloth has been fixed, we cut the excess with the scissors.


9º.- Finally, we fix the light inside the box with adhesive tape. We also use double-sided adhesive tape on the inside of the frame, so that you can easily stick and detach every time you want to turn the light on or off.



When you want to turn on the light on, you will only have to take off the lid and put it back.





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