Personalised DIY wooden box with TodoStencil silhouettes

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As we all know, a good idea for a gift can be a personalised box with something special on the inside. What we usually do is to paint it or cover it with pictures or paper. But, why not trying an innovative way with a perfect finish?

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

Fallas are close now here in Valencia, so some of them end their term as Fallera Mayor and some others start. We thought a box would be a good present to give her, where she could put notes, memories, pictures, etc. inside. This way she could always open it and remember those nice times. This can also be a good idea for someone special birthday, for an anniversary or even for the guests in a wedding to write down and wish the groom and bride the best for the future. There are many special occations when a gift like this can be great!!

The steps to follow are very simple and we don't need more materials than:

  • A wooden box
  • The personalised silhouettes from TodoStencil
  • Glue
  • Brush

Once we have the materials we can start adding the designs to the box. We have decided to start with the name, which thanks to the type ligatures we keep as a single piece so it's easier to centre on the desired place. Make sure you apply the glue to the back of the design, it seems a bit unnecesary to say, but sometimes we forget this kind of things and we don't want to mess it all up!

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

We are not interested in adding a lot of glue because when we press it to the box afterwards it can come up from the sides. So we should not take long applying the glue to the back of the design, making sure it doesn't start drying before we finish applying it to the whole surface.

Once the glue has been applied, we quickly put it down on the box and press it for a bit to ensure its good adhesion. As the wood hasn't been treated, we shouldn't have any problem with the silhouettes sticking to the box.

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

For our design, we have also chosen to include some text apart from the name. You can add some too or maybe choose from our many wooden silhouettes to decorate the box. Why not trying with a baby's bottle or a dummy so we can add some baby pictures inside the box? We can also choose some summertime ones like sunglasses, a rudder and a lighthouse to keep inside the box some memories of that incredible summer on the seaside.

To ensure the designs or letters are in the place we want to, you can use a ruler like we have done.

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

If we choose a more detailed design that maybe consists of many little pieces, the ideal is to centre its "negative" to the box and mark its holes, where the pieces will be placed afterwards. Don't worry about the marks, the silhouettes will cover them afterwards and we won't see any of them.

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

Once we know where the pieces go, we add them one by one and place them over their mark.

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

For the inside part of the lid we have chosen to do a decorative wooden plaque with some text and Fallas motifs. As you can seem quality and results are perfect even with so much detail!

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencilcaja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

To stick it we have just used a good amount of glue, here using more for the centre and not many to the sides, ensuring it won't came out from the sides afterwards. As it is a bigger piece and we used some more glue, we will need to stay pressing it for a little longer making sure it doesn't slip.

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

Once glue is dry, we have finished with the box. Now it is up to you to paint it or give some wood treatment. As we loved the finish as it is, we just left it this way. If you do like us, we recommend you to sand it a little bit, just to clean and remove any glue we could have had on our fingers or any possible pencil mark.

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

This is the final look of our DIY wooden box. It looks lovely avywhere in the house!

caja personalizada con siluetas todostencil

We are working on the option for you to create and order your own wooden silhouette designs online, like you can currently do with the stencils. By now, what you can do is send us an email to with your design or ideas and we will be pleased to help you!

Kind regards, and see you soon!


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